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About light art prints

I am releasing a set amount of light art prints from 2004 - Present, my first form of experiencing with light in art making. Rather than the installation itself, I photographed manipulated light as a finished product. This earlier form of light art is available today in smaller prints suitable for any home or office.

Please click here to view the work available. Each print is set in artist quality mat board and ready for framing. I hope you find one that appeals to you and can become part of your collection.

About my art

 If one were to describe my work in one word it is Modality.  In such that my work exists, is expressed and must be experienced to understand the multi dimensions and its completeness. Modality is like a romantic symphony in which light is its melody. The rhythm is the oscillation between emptiness and fulfillment, my anger and peace, darkness and light, the conscious and subconscious. The emptiness in my work is revealed once the light is observed, this is the pulse.  The interaction of the light benches, lens, motors, focal lengths and distance within the empty space creates the harmony.  Of course quantum physics and quantum mechanics, Jungian psychology, Topology and Theology are a few of the other sounds in the universe. What I offer you the observer is an experience like no other.  I am the conductor in which I orchestrate these visions.   

About my inspiration

 Appealing to individuals seeking connection with intellectually stimulating as well as spiritually soothing art, Sean Michael Kenny's light art installations address his interests through an intriguing and compelling approach.   Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Topology, Psychology and Christianity are strong influences, however the works are not defined by any one interest.  

Look for my exhibitions at  2018 Light City  in the Bromo Arts District of Baltimore.

Imagine your are now part of the transformation.

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